135 feet or lower limbs are amputated in England every week because of diabetes. But 80% of these amputations could be avoided, if people knew they were at risk of Type 2 diabetes sooner.

We created a pop-up shoe shop featuring 135 shoes, each one representing an amputation from the past week. After discovering the shoes are not for sale and learning about the serious consequences of diabetes, customers were invited to discover their own Type 2 diabetes risk score in a consultation space behind the wall of shoes.

During three days of opening, the store attracted over 800 customers, resulting in the completion of over 2,300 Know Your Risk Tests, and more than 4,000 site visits to the digital platform (including 100 hours spent viewing the in-store experience via the live Periscope feed).

An online platform mirrored the in-store experience and featured a Periscope feed of the physical store, stories from real amputees, and a call to action to discover your Type 2 diabetes risk score.

Promotional material draws passing traffic into the store by offering 50% off every pair - a tacit acknowledgment that only one of the shoes is needed due to an amputation. The A-board frame is made of a pair of crutches, while the poster features toes as tear-off tabs.

The #OneShoe selfie social media campaign gained the support of high-profile individuals and helped
to deliver this important message to over a million people on twitter and 300,000 on Instagram. All in less than three days.

A custom-made shoe box containing a single shoe from a real amputee delivered a serious message about diabetes directly to selected media outlets, creating buzz about the pop-up store.

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