AMP shoes
The shoe store with a difference
135 feet or lower limbs are amputated in England every week because of diabetes. But 80% could be avoided if people knew about the risk sooner. Diabetes UK wanted to raise awareness of this issue and encourage a hard-to-reach demographic to better understand and manage their personal risk of type 2 diabetes.

People more readily engage with retail promotions than healthcare messages. So we hijacked an activity they’re interested in to deliver a surprising message about the dramatic impact of unchecked diabetes.

AMP Shoes, created in partnership with Eley Kishimoto, was a pop-up shop that gave people an opportunity to consider their health, leading them to take advantage of a free diabetes health assessment to understand personal levels of risk. Hidden cameras captured the reactions of customers as they discovered the shocking truth about diabetes, and realised that all the shoes in the store belonged to amputees who lost one of their feet.

The logo developed for the brand features sharply cut letterforms subtly communicating the consequences of diabetes.

The brightly coloured Memphis inspired pattern informed the bold graphic direction of the brand identity. The pattern covered the entire floor and was applied to tote bags, uniforms, on-line presence and other brand merchandise.
To ensure the message reached as wide an audience as possible, we developed an on-line platform that mirrored the in-store experience.
A direct mailer in the form of a regular shoe box containing the shoe of an amputee was sent out delivering the campaign message in an unexpected way.

The serious message about diabetes was also communicated through posters where you tear off toes with contact details and a street sign supported by the rubber feet you find on crutches.

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