Classical Pilates Studio
LifeBody is a London based Classical Pilates studio offering classes online and in their studio in Barnes. Their practice is rooted in the original science of Classical Pilates.

They are guided by the belief that life is better in a strong body, a body built by pilates.

Joseph Pilates is the founder of the Pilates movement and invented the Magic circle, an important instrument in the practice of Pilates. We took inspiration directly from this shape for the LifeBody logo.

We wanted the identity to reflect the Classical Pilates heritage combined with the studio’s contemporary approach. This informed our choices for typography, colour and layout.

The circle, which is also a symbol for movement and change informed a wide range of design and communication solutions.

Change happens through movement
— Joseph Pilates

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live 
— Joseph Pilates

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